Is online gambling a boon or bane?


Online gambling is the latest add-on to the primitive gambling practices known to the world. One can normally bet for the team winning a cricket match or play poker or bet on horse racing in the live casino online. With the advent of online gambling, indulgence in gambling has become easier now. The gamblers can be in contact with each other through the internet. One can play poker, bet on horse racing or a sports event, online casinos, online lotteries, online bingo rooms, and mobile gambling. Thus, online gambling has led to a drastic increase in the number of bettors worldwide. People usually indulge in gambling for entertainment and money. But, money is the prime reason for approaching gambling. Despite its recent origin, the effect and popularity are quite high. It can be said that since the impact is worldwide, it can have both boon and bane factors.

How gambling helps gamblers

Online gambling undoubtedly has given the world many advantages that cannot be overlooked.The convenience factor of online gambling is the foremost factor for being liked at this level. As it can be played from anywhere, finding a stable Internet connection makes it loveable. Also, this is a diverse platform. It is difficult to find all the varieties in one casino, but one has all the available varieties for online gambling. One can choose from varieties of poker and slot machines available online. Attractive rewards and bonuses are another attraction to playing the game online. To keep the gamblers consistent on one site, the online casino owners have to ensure user satisfaction.

Looking into the security aspect of online gambling, financial and personal security, is absolute. The site owners ensure maximum security about the financial details which are shared by the gambler. On the other hand, personal identity is also kept private. People generally play with fake identities. Online gambling is also often free to register on to these sites. A gambler can even play trial games to have some idea and experience of the sport without actually involving the money while having the safety of not staking anything.

Detrimental effects of Online Gambling

The disadvantage of the popularity of the game is mainly the addiction factor. More than a game, it has become an addiction, which generally results in huge losses and leads to huge debts. It is only after losing that one realizes the worth of the amount lost. Moreover, in online casino gambling, the gamblers don’t feel the money, which makes them insensitive. Being in electronic form, the gamblers fail to feel their losses until they sit back to realize its worth. This usually takes the gamblers down to a more severe extent. In traditional casinos, where the realization of loss is almost instant, and it makes the gambler stop the game immediately, in online gambling, since things are virtual, it takes a longer time for the gambler to realize the loss. With the use of credit cards, these gamblers don’t even realize the extent to which they are going into debt. The college-going youngsters have a huge addiction to online gambling as it makes them think that with every win, their share of spending increases, failing to realize that the reverse has harsh effects.


Debating on online gambling being a boon or a bane has never concluded anywhere. It is considered a boon by some and a bane by some others. What matters is the mental frame and strategies of the gambler. Some people have the urge to play but fail to publicize their thoughts; now have an option too. Apart from this, all those who love to play, but their work hours restrict them from gambling now have an option to relax and enjoy the game.

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