Video Poker Strategies

As a progressive video poker jackpot works – Video Poker is a game option that combines the excitement of slot machines with some of the strategies of poker. As with slots and poker, video poker can both live to be played online as well and probably is the video poker game that has made the transition from the live game online game best because even in live poker all the action takes place on a screen.

There are many different types of video poker machines and a way in which you will meet both in a real casino, and during the online video poker game is the progressive video poker machine.

What is a progressive video poker machine?

A traditional video poker machine works by offering increasing payouts for stronger hands. A pair of jacks could bring the same money, while four-a-kind, perhaps a 25-to-1 payout offers. Progressive machines work in the same way, except that you win for an extremely rare, extremely strong hand like a royal flush, the progressive jackpot.

What exactly is the progressive jackpot?

The progressive jackpot is a special, big jackpot, offered for a very big hand. During a royal flush would bring quite a lot, usually about 800-to-1, could bring a royal flush, hundreds of thousands of dollars at a progressive jackpot machine. The reason that they can offer so much is that every machine that is connected to the progressive jackpot pays into the same pool. That is, a percentage of each, invested in a progressive video poker machine dollars is combined to create a huge pool of money. Especially in online video poker when many more machines are connected to the progressive jackpot, this progressive jackpot pools can reach incredible heights.

How can you win this progressive jackpot?

The only way to win a progressive jackpot is to play on a progressive video poker machine and try to get the Royal Flush, if the opportunity offers for it. To meet a Royal Flush is astronomically difficult and it may never happen. But when he comes, you could be in your video poker game for your whole life ahead. It is very important that you play the maximum number of coins that you are allowed to play on progressive machines per hand. If you play less than the maximum, you will only get the winning combination for your royal flush, which would be a disaster if they met him on a machine with a progressive jackpot, which is hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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