How to hit the jackpot in an online slot game?


We all love a jackpot; although it depends on luck, most people place their bets and wait for their turn to be the next winners of a lottery. Commonly known as free slots, online slot games can be played without having to deposit a cent. It is one of the simplest casino games globally and does not require y special skills or training. IDN play online makes it more fun with features such as betting on multiple tables while playing your favorite game. 

Strategies to hit a jackpot

Although there are no set criteria for winning a slot, some players can legally or illegally take advantage of other players’ weaknesses. It is all about finding a balance between different factors such as the cost, thrill, playing time, size of winnings, and the chance to win. Although it is a game of chance, there are ways to influence your chances of using the right strategy and winning the game. This includes deciding to stop betting, selecting a slot of the game, and determining a bet size.

Tips for slots

  • Use the double-up feature to regulate the volatility- This feature gives you the option to double up your win with more than a 50% chance. It can be done multiple times in a row; this helps increase the volatility of the game, which means that you exchange a lot of smaller wins for a higher value.
  • Avoid placing your bets, which decreases RTP- RTP is “return to player.” It refers to the payback percentage from all wagers on a slot machine. Most online slots have the same RTP; however, there are a few land-based slot games that disadvantage certain bets, which in turn decrease the RTP.
  • Minimize the total sum of your bets- Most often, you will lose money with every bet that you place, in the long run, this is not feasible, and thus you must minimize the total sum of your bets. To minimize this, you will need to lose your budget with as little betting as possible; this will keep the RTP stable and reward you with a better chance at winning.
  • In simple words, choose a slot to gamble, decide how long you want to play, check your budget, and decide how much you want to win.

Types of slot machines

  • Three-reel shots- It was the first-ever slot machine to ever be invented; it is the most basic model and has three spinning pieces.
  • Five reel shots- It has five spinning pieces with five symbols printed on each one. Most people prefer the three-reel slot machine as the odds are better, while the five-reel slot has a better payout.
  • Progressive slots- These slots offer the biggest jackpots; it includes either one or all of the machines that help you win.


There are several ways of winning an online slot game. It all depends on strategy and the patience that one has. Being a game of chance, there is nothing guaranteed to win, but with the right selection and budget in mind, you can be the winner of the jackpot.

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